Subluxations result in progressive degeneration of the spine and are relentless as they completely destroys the spine and joint integrity. Degeneration begins with the intervertebral disc and progresses to vertebra and adjacent soft tissue including the nervous system. Irreversible degenerative changes occur in the involved joints. These changes can begin within 10-14 days of the initiation subluxations even when there are no symptoms.

This happens regardless of age. A 2003 British study by Dr. Francis Smith has found that 9% of 10 year old children demonstrate intervertebral disc degeneration in the absence of symptoms. This is disturbing when we consider that almost all of subluxations are subclinical (no symptoms).

In a subluxation, the ligament/joint faces (as well as the surrounding connective tissue) can be stretched or torn. Scar tissue is formed as a result of injury, inflammation, and repair. Fibrosis in muscle tissue begins within 7 days of the original injury (most micro-traumas are subclinical) and becomes permanent within a few weeks!

In a 2001 article, the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research stated that on a microscopic level, subclinical subluxations produce a mini-strain to the area. Scar tissue is laid down and/or soft tissues swell.

Ligament injuries heal with scar tissue over time initiating aberrant neurologic input to the spinal cord resulting in long term or even permanent back pain.

How bad can it get? The degeneration and bone spurring can rupture into the dura covering the spinal cord, causing cerebral  spinal fluid leakage.

Uncorrected subluxations can result in massive permanent damage tot he spine and nervous system even if you experience no pain or symptoms at all! Wellness Chiropractic care is essential to maintain good health!

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