“I found Olio Chiropractic online, and I am very happy that I chose this office. The office staff is super friendly, and always has a positive attitude! Dr. Lopat is easy to talk to, and extremely focused on patient care, ensuring spinal health and wellness thru chiropractic adjustments. I would highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a Chiropractor!”

Larry T.

“ I highly recommend Dr. Lopat! He’s not only amazing as a chiropractor but also very educated as a wellness Doctor. Very kinda and good at what he does!”

Grace E.

Been going to Pete for 11 years. He’s always there to help even after hours when my neck pain is awful. I highly recommend Dr Lopat and many of my friends and family have benefited from his professional service. He’s a great guy and a family man. He even sponsored my kids softball teams as he cares about the community in which he works. Highly recommend Pete.”

Benjamin W.

“I am an athlete and so I looked for the best chiropractor in Fishers, IN that could help me better preform. Dr. Lopat is very knowledgeable and explained how seeing a chiropractor would help my body function at its best. My body takes a lot from my workouts but now I feel better than ever. I had neck pain bothering me when I first came in as well and now I am pain free. The girls at the front desk are extremely friendly and make me feel welcome every visit. I definitely recommend Olio Chiropractic to everyone!”

Caleb T.

Dr. Lopat has been my chiropractor going on almost 10 years now and has kept me in good health. He has never tried to influence me into treatments that are unnecessary for my needs. He is very friendly and professional and his staff is always positive and greets you with a smile when you walk in the door.
I do not normally write reviews, but when I see the negative review about Dr. Lopat I was compelled to write a review. Anyone that has anything negative to say about Dr. Lopat must not understand the value of chiropractic care. I have been to other chiropractors prior to visiting Olio Chiropractic, and if I thought Dr. Lopat was not looking out for my health and well being, then I would not have continued to see him for the past 10 years……Thank you Dr. Lopat…….!”

Mark N.

This was my first adjustment. The front desk staff – super friendly and nice. The Chiropractor is very friendly and professional. Regarding the experience…. the release of pressure from my back and neck ( from the adjustment) nearly made me cry ( in a good way) from absolute relief. I loved it. I excited to see how the treatment progresses from years of athletics and being hard on my body. Would totally recommend to family and friends.

Amanda M.

“Dr. Lopat has really helped me feel better not only when it comes to my spine but also with other health issues I was having due to subluxations I had! Prior to getting adjusted, I was having a lot of abdominal pains and random back pain flare ups. I also experienced MAJOR bloating for years that made me look 6 months pregnant on the daily. Within 3 weeks of following my treatment plan (3 times a week at first) I immediately noticed my bloating was non existent!!! I never realized chiropractic could help with that. I now have much more energy as well since the bloating is under control. Dr. Lopat has helped stablelize my lower back in better alignment so it has made my body functions work better which in return made the sporadic back pain and bloating stop. He has the years of experience and is very thorough (he actually will take X-rays before working on you unlike a chiro I went to after a car accident 3 years ago) is so that he can help and correct the spine properly. Doc wants nothing more than to help his patients and see them feel better. I am very appreciative for his care and highly recommend him for your chiropractor!

Christine T

“The Doctor is very through and is very interested in the well being of everyone who walk thru the door. The girls are the best! I highly recommend to anyone who is the need of their services.

Bill C.

“Dr. Lopat and his staff are warm, knowledgeable, and saved my back when I had a L4-L5 slipped disc. I was in severe pain, and he has been able to get me in his office as often as needed to correct it. I feel great. Other offices were asking me to wait a week to be seen.”

Samantha K.

“Dr. Lopat has been helping me with my back problems and migraine headaches. Thanks to him and his skills I have few to none on migraines and back is getting better!!! Great Dr. And his office assistant is great to help you too. A+++++ go see him and he can really make a difference in your life with his help and skills.”

William H.

“After a back injury in October of last year I have been coming here weekly at first 3 or 4 times a week and now only once a week. My back strength has improved so much and i went from not being able to sit in the car to feeling great. My weekly adjustments keep me feeling great. Dr. Lopat is so friendly and listens to how I’m feeling. Megan is so amazing too! Every time i see them its like seeing friends. Definetly recommended.”

Felicia K.

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