About Us

Dr. Peter Lopat’s personal mission is to help the local community and neighboring families achieve optimal health through wellness and subluxation-based chiropractic care.


Olio Chiropractic and Wellness Center opened in 2005 to serve Hamilton County, IN with a natural approach to health and healing. Our team’s goal is to help you achieve your highest quality of life by getting you pain and symptom-free, then helping you stay that way.

Our Wellness-Oriented Practice

We want to help you achieve optimal health. We’ll work to relieve your symptoms by getting to the cause of your problem. In doing so, you can be healthy and enjoy the highest possible quality of life. Together, we’ll determine what can maximize your health potential, then make a plan to make sure you get there.

Each member of our staff is dedicated to knowing you and getting you to be your healthiest!

Why Choose Us

Experienced Doctor

Professional & Friendly Staff

Same Day Appointments

Most Insurances Accepted

No Hidden Fees

How Chiropractic is Different

You’re probably wondering, how exactly can chiropractic have that powerful of an impact on my well-being? Simple: we work to make your entire body perform better. Your nervous system is the information highway, carrying messages from the brain downward. If we improve the way your nervous system operates, your full body has the ability to function on a higher level than you may have ever imagined.

Insurance is Accepted


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