Approximately 1/2 of all pregnant women complain to their doctors about back pain. In a three-part study performed by Joan M. Fallon at Yeshiva University, 65 women were used as subjects. All of the subjects received chiropractic care from at least the 10th week of pregnancy through labor and delivery. Their average labor times were recorded and compared to averaged by at least 4 sources, as well as compared to those of a local midwife/obstetrician practice, In the second part of the study , a questionnaire regarding the levels of back pain was given to determine any changes that might result due to the chiropractic adjustments.

The study found that “chiropractic care significantly reduces labor time!”  The labor time was decreased 24%-39% (as compared to national averages).  The study also revealed a significant reduction in back pain with chiropractic care. Each woman reported at least a 50% reduction in back pain, some as high as 100%, as result of chiropractic care.

If you or a loved one were pregnant, wouldn’t you want to experience less pain and discomfort through out your pregnancy? Wouldn’t you want to decease your labor time by house? Since nearly all medications can be harmful to health of your baby, chiropractic becomes the obvious choice. Wellness Chiropractic is the natural choice for a quicker and less painful delivery.


It’s safe and effective!

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