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At Olio Chiropractic and Wellness Center, we truly believe your health is the greatest wealth. 

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We are a wellness-oriented office. Regular chiropractic adjustments are proven to unlock better health, function & sports performance.


Many patients come into our office with general health conditions or concerns that can be helped and benefited with regular chiropractic care.

Pain Relief

It’s important to have a pain free life. You cannot be the best you while experiencing pain. We are here to help you live a healthy and pain free life!

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Been going to Pete for 11 years. He’s always there to help even after hours when my neck pain is awful. I highly recommend Dr Lopat & many of my friends & family have benefited from his professional service. He’s a great guy & a family man. He even sponsored my kids softball teams as he cares about the community in which he works. Highly recommend Pete.”

Ben W.

Fishers, IN

I have been trusting Dr. Lopat for the past four months. He is a rare find of a doctor who sincerely wants to help you. Dr. Lopat clearly loves what he does. Always friendly, prompt, and Dr. Lopat offers the most excellent pain relieving services. My migraine headaches have been kicked to the curb and my lower back has been tremendously better. I am finally able to pick up my child and exercise without any hesitation. Dr. Lopat has helped my four year old son whom suffers from asthma. My sons flare ups have decreased tremendously and he rarely uses his nebulizer machine. I could not be more thankful for such a wonderful doctor.”

Mandy O.

Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Lopat has been helping me with my back problems and migraine headaches. Thanks to him and his skills I have few to none on migraines and back is getting better!!! Great Dr. And his office assistant is great to help you too. A+++++ go see him and he can really make a difference in your life with his help and skills.”

William H.

Anderson, IN

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