Have you ever thought about what runs your body? Of course, it’s your central nervous system. Your brain and spinal cord control the function of every cell, tissue, and organ in your body.  It is your “master controller”. Think about what runs your lungs, kidneys, liver, and every other organ. They don’t have their own little brain inside every organ. It’s the master controller that runs them. How does this happen? How does the master controller talk to your organs?

The vast spinal neurologic network connects your body to your mind. The part of the nervous system that connects your master controller to your organs is called the Autonomic Nervous System. Autonomic means automatic. The organs function and perform automatically. You don’t need to think about making your heart beat, your lungs breath, or make your kidneys filter. It happens automatically, constantly for your whole life. Your organ s are on autopilot and your master controller guides them to perfect performance, unless there is interference to the communication.

What would happen if you were to interfere with the connection between your master controller and your organs? What if your health autopilot was off course? It would be impossible for the organ to work properly. It might still work, but not the way it was intended to, not perfectly. This is what Wellness Chiropractors refer to as subluxation. Subluxations interfere with the communication between the master controller and the organs by interfering with the autonomic nervous system. Wellness Chiropractic specializes in identifying subluxations and removing them to restore the communication and health back to your body.


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