Adults tend to view the world of kids as happy and carefree. What do kids have to worry about anyway? Every child feels stress and has worries at some time in their life. Their stress can come from outside sources such as family, friends, school, or internal stress from demands placed upon oneself. We have to realize children have problems too, and we have to take these problems seriously. Stress may be the number one cause of subluxations in our children. Subluxations may have devastating effects to their development, performance and health.

Stress enters our world from day one. An infant may experience anxiety when their needs are not being met by their caregiver (food, love, hygiene, comfort, nurture, etc.). If these stresses continue, it may lead to subluxations. In preschoolers, the number one cause of anxiety is separation from their parents.

As our children get older, academic challenges, peer pressures, parental guidance, a desire to fit in, puberty, friends, a push for sports performance, and extracurricular activities all create tremendous stress for our children. Stress levels are elevated in our children’s life by their home environment; parents tend to let their stress become their child’s stress. Children are very aware of our money, work or relationship problems. Family fighting and sibling rivalry only compound the stress. Also consider the possible impact of a divorce, a loss of a loved one, a relocation, or a family illness. This can be a devastating part of their younger life.

Television and the internet only add to their fears and safety concerns. Disturbing images of war, murder, and disaster play nightly on the television. These images are stored in the child’s nervous system for a lifetime.

Children will not express their stress the same as an adult, and adults may not be aware of the accumulated stress that they are experiencing. With the stresses placed upon our children in today’s society, it’s not wonder their health is worse than ever. The unhealthy impact of stress on a child’s nervous system is often easily detected and corrected with wellness chiropractic. Be sure to have your children checked for subluxations; it’s simple and safe. Evert child should have their nervous system checked for hidden health problems.

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