Nocturnal Enuresis is the fancy medical term for bed-wetting during sleep. Bed-wetting is very common among children and its estimated that about 5 to 7 million children suffer from it. Medical doctors have struggled to find an answer to help these children. The American Family Physician recommends: 1. “An alarm system that signals when the bed gets wet.” 2. “A reward system for dry nights.” 3. “Asking your child to change the sheets.” 4. “Having your child practice holding his or her urine for longer and longer times.” This obviously doesn’t correct the cause an is a feeble attempt at best. Another scary medical recommendation is a medication that causes the kidney to make less urine! I would seriously question a doctor that would recommend that aggressive and potentially harmful approach to my child.

What should you do? Chiropractic has been recognized for years as a solution for this challenging problem. In our practice, we have helped many children successfully. Success begins with identifying the cause. If the nervous system that controls the function of the bladder becomes interfered with, it may lead to night time bed-wetting in children. The following research confirms the chiropractic solution:

    1. (Chiropractic Management of Primary Nocturnal Enuresis, Reed WR., Beaver S., Reddy SK., Kern G. JMPT, 1994.) Results:  25% of the chiropractic children experienced 50% or more reduction in wet night frequency as compared to the control group.
    2. (Nocturnal Enuresis: Treatment Implications for the Chiropractor, Kreitz BG., Aker PD., JMPT 1994.) Results: Spinal adjustment therapy has shown to possess an efficacy comparable to the natural history.
    3. (Functional MOctorunal Enuresis, Blomerth PR., JMPT 1994.) Case Study: An 8-year-old male bed-wetter was adjusted and experienced complete resolution of bed-wetting.
    4. Chiropractic Management of Enuresis, Gemmall HA., Jacobson, BH., JMPT.) Case Study : A 14-year-old male with a long history of continuous bed-wetting. Bed-wetting was alleviated through chiropractic adjustments.
    5. (Characteristics of 217 Children Attending a Chiropractic College Teaching Clinic, Nyiendo J., Olsen E., JMPT 1988.) The authors noted that the children patients at Western States Chiropractic College public clinic commonly suffered from ear infections, sinusitis, allergies, bed-wetting, respiratory problems and digestive disturbances. Complete or substantial improvement was notes in 61.2% of the pediatric patients’ complains.

If you know a child who suffers from bed-wetting, have their nervous system checked for subluxations. They may find a natural solution with Wellness Chiropractic.


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