The wellness revolution is here and is here to stay! Are you going to be apart of it? We are experiencing a dramatic shift with the social consciousness in regards to health and wellness. More Americans than ever are looking to chiropractic, meditation, nutrition, yoga and exercise to improve their health. The Washington Post stated that more than 84 million Americans are choosing alternative care, but why are they choosing alternative care?

Wellness is more than the absence of illness. Wellness is an optimal expression of the human experience. It is when you are expressing your optimal potential and when you are performing at peak performance mentally, physically and spiritually. Wellness is a process where there is no endpoint and the possibilities are endless. Wellness is a dynamic state of integration with your environment in which the human potential is allowed to thrive.

Wellness care is not the treatment of disease with alternative choices. It is apparent that wellness is more than just reacting to problems and illness. It is a matter of “right and wrong”. Disease care is a focus on what is wrong with you or what could go wrong. Wellness is a conscious decision to focus on what is right, what you want and developing your potential. We are talking about seeking a full expression of life, not treating or preventing disease. Wellness care is a way of life; a lifestyle choice. We take active responsibility for our life and develop wellness fundamentals into our lifestyle.

The Six Fundamentals of Wellness:

  1. Responsibility: It is up to you to take responsibility for your state of wellness
  2. Journey: There is no endpoint or absolute level to wellness. There is always another level to grow into. Attaining wellness is a process.
  3. Choice: The lifestyle choices you make today will determine your state of wellness tomorrow.
  4. Balance: Integrate your mind, body and spirit into your wellness lifestyle.
  5. Innate Expressions: Your level of wellness is limited to the level that you allow your innate wisdom to run, regulate, adapt and express the human experience. This can only happen with a nervous system free from interference.
  6. Action: Begin your road to wellness by starting today and making each day better than the last.

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