In 1927, R. W. Stephenson wrote The Chiropractic Text Book. This text included the entire learning program, from freshman to senior year, for chiropractic study. Considering what you know about chiropractic, how many times do you think back pain would be found in the index? How about neck pain or headaches? Keep in mind, this is the complete chiropractic text at over 414 pages long. Would you think 50 times? 100 times? Maybe even over 500 times? Since back and neck pain are the two most common reasons people choose chiropractic, maybe back and neck pain would be mentioned on every page.

You would not find back or neck pain listed even once in the index of The Chiropractic Text Book! It’s not mentioned even once in the entire book! The reason its not listed in the index is because chiropractic was founded on principles of healing and well-being, not back or neck pain. It was intended to restore health and wellness.

Millions of people have discovered healthier lives through chiropractic. Refer your friends and family, who wish to be healthier, and we will show them how to live a more vital and well life.

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