Wellness is the process of attaining health, happiness, and vitality, allowing you to express your life to its fullest. My wish for you is to live life to its fullest and improve the quality of your life by creating wellness naturally. There are three phases to establishing wellness through the removal of subluxations.

Phase I: Initial Intensive Care

This is the initial and most intensive stage of Wellness Chiropractic care. During this phase of care, the chiropractor works with your body by releasing stuck, unhealthy neurological patterns. These patterns are created by spinal subluxations, or misalignments in the spine, and releasing these helps to create a foundation for healing. Your innate, healing abilities become more fully expressed and the healing process begins. Benefits of the Initial Intensive Care include reduced pain or elimination of symptoms, significantly improved energy levels, improved sleep, decreased tension within the body, improved concentration, and an improved quality of life.

Phase II: Corrective Care

The second stage of Wellness Chiropractic is focused on rebuilding a healthy nervous system for a foundation of wellness. Our goal in Phase II is to improve your performance at every level by eliminating your subluxations. Subluxation patterns are being corrected and your body is being trained to rebuild itself in a healthier state. Patients typically report continued improvements in their overall health and well being, contracting less colds and illnesses throughout the year, continued improvements in energy levels, and improvements in their overall, physical health.

Phase III: Wellness Care

Reaching the Wellness stage is every patient’s ultimate goal. In this phase, we will continue the momentum towards wellness as your body reaches its optimal level of health and performance through chiropractic care. This care is designed to provide long term balance in your nervous system and body, allowing you to create wellness from within. This is accomplished through periodic wellness check-ups for emerging subluxations in which adjustments are given as needed. We provide a sensible, cost effective approach to creating wellness and celebrating life. Patients remarks unprecedented levels of health and quality of life, during this phase of care.

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