Subluxations are neurological imbalances or distortions in the body that are associated with adverse physiological responses and structural changes and result in a progressive degeneration of the spine. Subluxations are, also, relentless as they destroy the integrity of the spine and ultimately the nervous system. The long term consequences of subluxations on your nervous system can be devastating! In a study whereby the researchers artificially induced a subluxation in an experimental animal, the researchers discovered cellular changes occurred in the nerve root only 6 weeks into the trial. The nerve root is the conduit that carries all the information traveling from your brain to every cell tissue and organ in your body. Cellular damage or interference in the nerve root may have dire consequences to your health.

The researchers from said trial, also, discovered that these neurological changes were reversible. This indicates that, if we identify and correct subluxations, we can expect recovery neurologically. However, after 6 months of being chronically subluxated, there was permanent damage to the cells of the nerve root!

Now, let’s take a look at how a subluxation may impact the health of our organs. In another study, researchers artificially induced a subluxation in an experimental animal at the T6 level, or the sixth thoracic vertebrae. What they discovered was very chilling. There were cellular changes in the liver cells at 6 weeks as well! This is frightening because most subluxations exist without symptoms and the typical patient, who enters a chiropractic office, has been subluxated for YEARS!

Overall, uncorrected subluxations may result in massive, permanent damage to the spine and nervous system, even if you don’t experience any pain or other symptoms at all! In our opinion, every man, woman, and child should be screened for subluxations on a regular basis.


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